Silvia O. Miñarro: translator, trader, and expert in corporate communications

I have the experience you seek, the flexibility you need, and the qualifications to ensure that your texts are in good hands.
I love it!
I love to research markets and the fundamental analysis of companies. I bring added value because I understand your environment.
Never invest in something you don’t understand. You’ve heard this a thousand times. It’s good advice. The same applies to financial translation: you need a specialist, not only in languages but also in finance.
If you have any questions, please get in touch. Let’s see if I’m the right option for your needs. I offer an initial 30 minutes of consultation FOR FREE.
What I am up to…
- Cashvertising
- Trading for a living
Recent coursework
- Rethinking International Tax Law, Leiden University (2017)
- Corporate Finance Essential, IESE Business School (2016)
- Introduction to International Law, Case Western Reserve University (2016)
- Principles of Valuation, University of Michigan (2015)
- An Introduction to American Law, University of Pennsylvania (2015)
- 6 years of experience
- English, German > Spanish
- Specialized in legal and financial translation
- Sworn translator (with official stamp)
- Bachelor’s degree in Translation
- Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting